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Today I spent the afternoon and early evening at the cinema:

The National Theatre production of Frankenstein (broadcast at the Arts Picturehouse) with Benedict Cumberbatch as the Doctor and Jonny Lee Miller as the Creature was mind-blowingly good, from the abstract and minimalistic but ever changing set and lighting to the extraordinary performances of the actors.
The production is probably closest to the original source, in that the creature isn't a dumb, violent monster but a learning, self-aware, articulate being, the process of which Miller portrays wonderfully. The play is fascinating, moving, shocking, even in a few short moments funny. I'm not a big theatre fan but I would have loved to see that at the actual theatre rather than a projection of it. Then again, in the broadcast you get close-ups and varying camera angles so that was good, too.
They're showing it in the reverse cast on Sunday.

I then wandered over to the VUE for Insidious. This starts off as a run-off-the-mill haunted house story (family moves into new house, odd things start happening, one son ends up in a coma after an accident) but is well done and moves in slightly different ways later. There are elements of Poltergeist (including paranormal investigation team and psychic) but the film moves on from that, it keeps you on your toes and there are some genuinely scary sequences in it. None of this stupid modern torture porn crap but proper supernatural horror.
Recommended if you like classic horror films.
karohemd: by LJ user gothindulgence (Cinema)
The first screen adaption of Shelley's Frankenstein from 1910:

Download/Embed links here

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