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2013-02-02 11:49 pm

[Eating out] The Sea Tree, Mill Road

On Friday I needed a quick dinner before my next engagement and as The Sea Tree on The Broadway section of Mill Road had been recommended to me by various people I decided to try it. The Sea Tree is part traditional fish&chip shop, part fishmonger (one of the very few independent places selling wet fish in Cambridge) and part eaterie with a handful of small to medium sized tables where you can order both from the fish&chip shop menu and their "alternatives" menu with pan-fried or grilled fillets of or whole sea bass, gilthead bream with a choice of sauces and sides as well as a specials board.
I picked the "whole baked Whitby crab thermidor" which was served with a mixed salad (leaves, peppers, red onions) and chips. The picked and mixed crab meat was served in the shell of the body and was carefully seasoned so the flavour of the crab still came through and it was cooked on the dot, lovely and moist. There was a nice crust on top, too. The chips were crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and not soggy at all.
If they can cook something as tricky as crab so well, I'm convinced their other offerings will be just as good. It's a bit out of the way for me but I will definitely be back, most likely for one of their lobster nights. It's not a place to linger because the shop is unsurprisingly rather busy but if you want a quick quality bite before a night out, this is definitely the place to go. They even have an alcohol license and serve beer and wine but I only had orange juice and water because I had a night of cake and cocktails ahead of me.
The bill came to around 13 pounds without service.
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2012-06-24 06:00 pm
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[Cooking] Poached Lemon Sole

I found myself in town on Saturday so had a look around the market and found a lemon sole at the fish stall. I still had some broad beans from my veg box and new potatoes so that was dinner sorted.
I skinned and filleted the sole which was quite fiddly but I persevered and produced four reasonable fillets. My cooking liquid was a generous glug of vermouth, two generous glugs of white wine, some fish stock and a big knob of butter, seasoned with salt and pepper. I bought this to a boil in a frying pan, turned off the heat and when it stopped boiling added the fillets, turned them after a couple of minutes until they were evenly cooked and removed them to a warm dish to keep warm, while I turned up the heat again and cooked the (double-podded!) broad beans in the liquor until they were tender and the liquid was reduced to a sauce.
I served the fillets on a warm plate, with the beans spooned over and around, with new potatoes on the side. Very nice indeed.

Lemon Sole
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2012-02-27 08:55 pm
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[Cooking] Pan roasted cod loin, chorizo, braised greens, beurre rouge

Very quick dinner tonight:
Chopped a cooking chorizo into little chunks, cooked them in a pan on medium heat until crispy and the fat had rendered. I removed the chorizo and cooked the cod loins in the rendered fat (around 3 minutes on the presentation side and another 2 after flipping and turning off the heat), seasoned with salt and pepper.
Then I deglazed the pan with a slosh of Fino sherry and whisked in a few knobs of cold butter until emulsified to make the sauce (a bit like a beurre blanc but red from the paprika in the chorizo, hence the above name).
Served with the chorizo sprinkled over, braised spring greens, fresh baguette and a glass of Fino.
Cod loin, braised greens, chorizo, "beurre rouge"

Just a phone photo while I was eating.
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2012-02-09 09:46 pm

[Cooking] Plaice, Tomatoes, Crushed Potatoes, Dressed Leaves

Plaice fillets (or any other flat or white fish, adjust cooking times according to thickness)
cherry tomatoes, anchovies, red onion, garlic, dried or fresh mediterranean herbs
baby potatoes
mixed baby leaves
olive oil, butter
Gently fry the plaice in butter and olive oil over medium heat (about 2 minutes each side), season with freshly ground pepper (the sauce will be salty enough).
For the sauce, quarter cherry tomatoes and gently cook them with chopped red onion, garlic and a few anchovies in olive oil, season with salt, pepper and mediterranean herbs.
Boil the potatoes and crush them in the pan in which you cooked the fish to mop up all the butter, oil and flavour.
To serve, place the crushed potatoes in the centre of the plate, a fillet of fish on top and spoon over the sauce. Arrange the dressed (good extra virgin olive oil, balsamico, salt, pepper) leaves around the side.
It was very tasty indeed.
Plaice, tomatoes, crushed potatoes, dressed leaves
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2011-06-01 10:21 pm

Dinner tonight: Fillet of pollock

Pan-fried, simply seasoned (salt, pepper), with spicy couscous (hot smoked paprika, salt, pepper, blanched cabbage for crunch).

Pan-fried fillet of pollock on spicy couscous
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2011-06-01 09:36 pm

[Cooking] Dinner tonight: Fillet of pollock

Pan-fried, simply seasoned (salt, pepper), with spicy couscous (hot smoked paprika, salt, pepper, blanched cabbage for crunch).

Pan-fried fillet of pollock on spicy couscous
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2009-05-18 07:49 pm
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[Food] [Cooking] Turbot

OK, I know now why this is so expensive, it really is a nice piece of fish with wonderful texture and flavour. I even managed to not butcher it when filetting it.
I pan-fried the fillets and served them on a bed of the leftover aubergine/tomato stew from last night with some new potatoes and a nice Pinot Grigio. It was divine.
Sorry, no picture, there was no time. :o(
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2009-03-09 09:45 pm


Seared tuna steaks on creamed leeks and chard with new potatoes. "Recipe" on flickr (click the big pic)

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2008-08-28 08:40 pm
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Dinner tonight

Pan-fried sea bream with mixed small leaf salad and potatoes.
Unfortunately, what you can't see is that I'd stuffed the cavity with boursin cream cheese which gave a cooling contrast to the spicy coating (flour seasoned with hot pimenton, salt and pepper). Also, you can't see the wonderful beurre noisettebrown butter because the plate is black...

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2007-09-21 06:28 pm
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Kitchen first

I just filleted my first fish (a red tilapia). It's not restaurant standard but I didn't butcher it completely. I guess this is where my (one and only) chef's knife I use for everthing hits its limits, I'd have needed one with a flexible blade. The bones and offcuts are going into a pot for stock, so there will be a seafood risotto on Sunday.
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2006-10-06 11:56 am
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[Cambridge] Fishmongers?

[livejournal.com profile] tooth_fairy's post about overfishing and endangered fish reminded me that I don't eat as much fish as I should. Considering I buy my meat from local butchers (who source their wares from reasonably local farms), I should really buy fish from independent shops, too.

Any recommendations gratefully received.