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After two rather lacklustre years, this year's display was quite marvellous, especially the ground-to-air effects I hadn't seen before. Some of them were reminiscent of classic arcade video games, only the space invaders coming from the sky were missing. ;)

A few impressions:


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Loads more on flickr.
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Loads more on flickr.
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Wandered from work to Midsummer Common, had a look around the fun fair and then found a reasonable spot to take photos from. First I thought I was a bit too close but the stuff didn't go that high so if I'd had stayed further behind, I would only have been able to capture the high up bursts. 28mm on an FX sensor wasn't wide enough to get the big bursts, unfortunately. Win some, lose some, I guess. There were some good layered effects and I especially liked the coloured moving bursts that were reminscent of surface-to-air missiles/artillery in arcade shooters.
I think of the 700 shots, about 20 might make it. Having a 16GB CF card and a camera that can shoot 8x bursts in RAW is a little bit too practical in these cases, so sorting those will take a while but I should be able to put up a few later.
Far too many people around the fair to be comfortable for me (or to take interesting people pictures) so I wandered over to [livejournal.com profile] i_am_toast's for a chat and a glass of utterly fantastic mulled wine. Thank you!
Managed to miss the bus from Mitcham's Corner so I walked home which wasn't bad

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