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The film has been included in the short film competition of this year's Raindance Festival.
You can go to the website, watch the film (Media Player stream) and see if you can spot me. ;o)
But, more importantly, I'm posting this to pimp the film because I think it's great and deserves recognition.
If you like the film, of which I have no doubt as it's a strong and clever short, please vote for it at the above link.
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The film has a small website and lo and behold, my name is on the Cast and Crew page. :o)
ETA: That website is dead. :( but the film is here.


5 Jul 2006 01:33 pm
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As it's too humid outside to sit somewhere and read, a short cinema review:

After more cringeworthy chats with people at the Bun Shop I went to see Fearless, the latest Jet Li film (and his last martial arts one, apparently) which is freely based on the story of Huo Yuanjia.
It was very interesting to see the different acting style in this film compared to his Western films (the superb Unleashed, for example), it was typically OTT Chinese.
It's hard to review the film without giving much of the plot away but it's good and not just a Wushu slaughterfest. There's quite a bit of wirework and other trickery in the fight scenes but not as extreme as in House of Flying Daggers or others.
The second part of the film is the better one, IMHO, as it has more plot and shows Li's acting talent, too. I wasn't very impressed with the first part but the rest certainly turned it around for me.

Oh well, back to the grindstone.
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Blixa Bargeld was the voice of the mummy's shriek in The Mummy (credits on imdb, search for the name under "other crew").

Thinking back to the film and the gig, that might just make sense. Need to check. I have both somewhere.

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