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I spent a long weekend visiting friends in Edinburgh and the weather was good enough to take an number of shots around town.
I tried to capture the things people don't necessarily take photos of and leave out the obvious tourist spots.

Various bits and pieces that caught my attention:


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karohemd: Gentoo penguins in Antarctica, by me (Hungry)
After seeing Tom Kitchin on TV a number of weeks ago on The Great British Menu, I decided to have lunch at The Kitchin during my long weekend. This was my first time at a Michelin star (one) restaurant and I really enjoyed it. While presented artistically, there was nothing pretentious about it and let the subtle flavours of the ingredients speak for themselves.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a shot of the appetiser (a lovely small consommé which already showed the quality of the cooking we were about to experience). That reminds me, before they served the appetiser, the waiter mentioned that it was meat based and asked if we'd be OK with that. Both my dining companion and I had ordered both fish for starter and main. That's what I call attention to detail and dedication to customers.


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