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My butcher had nice pork tenderloin portions so I picked up one and they also had cooking chorizo and morcilla (Spanish black pudding) which I thought would go well with it. I also picked up potatoes and sprouting broccoli from Les Ward across the court and my shopping was done.
I first sliced the chorizo and morcilla and fried them in a dry pan over medium low heat until the slices were crispy and a lot of the fat had rendered. I removed the sausage with a slotted spoon to a warm plate and seared the piece of tenderloin in the rendered fat until browned on all sides and then put it into a low oven to finish.
I deglazed the pan with a glass of cider, seasoned with salt, pepper and a bit of thyme and let it reduce down to a sticky sauce.
After letting it rest for a few minutes, I carved the tenderloin, arranged it on top of the mash, crumbled the chorizo and morcilla over and around it and drizzled with the sauce. A few Maldon salt flakes and a few twists of pepper were the only seasoning (apart from the flavour of the chorizo fat).
Served with simple mash and steamed purple sprouting broccoli.
The crispy chorizo and morcilla provided not only extra flavour but also texture. I was really happy with how it came out.

Pork tenderloin, Chorizo, Morcilla

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Very quick dinner tonight:
Chopped a cooking chorizo into little chunks, cooked them in a pan on medium heat until crispy and the fat had rendered. I removed the chorizo and cooked the cod loins in the rendered fat (around 3 minutes on the presentation side and another 2 after flipping and turning off the heat), seasoned with salt and pepper.
Then I deglazed the pan with a slosh of Fino sherry and whisked in a few knobs of cold butter until emulsified to make the sauce (a bit like a beurre blanc but red from the paprika in the chorizo, hence the above name).
Served with the chorizo sprinkled over, braised spring greens, fresh baguette and a glass of Fino.
Cod loin, braised greens, chorizo, "beurre rouge"

Just a phone photo while I was eating.
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I just improvised a quick dinner: I sliced some spicy chorizo and cooked it on medium heat until most of the fat and oil had rendered, removed the slices from the pan, and fried a sliced aubergine that had been brushed with a little olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and lime juice in the pan. The flavours and the textures of the soft aubergine and the crispy sausage complemented each other really well. With it I had a little mixed leaf salad dressed with olive oil and lemon juice and some ciabatta to soak up the oils.
No picture because I was hungry, sorry.

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