11 Oct 2006 11:57 am
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- Really knackered. Need a holiday (i.e. a few days of doing nothing but sleep, eat and relax without going anywhere or doing anything physically demanding) :o(
- Calling last night was OK. Great to catch up with people (where was [ profile] toripink?) but except for 20 minutes of acceptable Bleep/Stomp from Loki, the music was rubbish. Good turnout, though so good for them.
- Many thanks to [ profile] c0rvu5r3x for the comp copy of the Kreuzdammer EP!
- Mentioning KD, they're playing at the Man on the Moon this Friday, quite possibly supported by Fire&Forget as their original support had to drop out. Should be a laugh. I'll take my camera and hope for good light (haha).
- Battle of the Bands (Battle of the Album Covers would be more appropriate but it's still good)
- Underworld Evolution isn't that bad if you watch it for what makes it good (i.e. mainly Selene's arse). Just one comment: I thought that the Lycan transformations were better in the first film and didn't feel as CGed.
- I'm catching up with Battlestar Galactica after stopping halfway through Season 1 last year.


18 Jan 2006 01:39 am
karohemd: by LJ user gothindulgence (Dancing)
Much dancing at The Calling today.
[ profile] littlelightbulb and [ profile] _proserpina_ played a fantastic first set with loads of stuff you usually don't get to hear at the Calling (just a shame my CD didn't work :o() Loki played some reasonable stuff, too, only about half a year too late (Richtfest, This Shit will Fuck you up etc.) :oP
I really need an intensive Tai Chi session tomorrow to sort out my legs again.

Was quite busy, too. I also shot a load of photos which I'll look at tomorrow evening but they won't be available for some time (backlog too big).

Then, a BBC film crew turned up! They shot the dancefloor for a while and wandered around. I don't know when it's being shown but I might even be in it! :o)

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