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Well, I have been for over an hour but I just got off the phone to my parents to share my experiences.

Apologies for not updating from Buenos Aires but there was no room connection, the public access terminal wouldn't recognise my name/room number and it my mind was probably so confused by the heat and humidity that I didn't notice the plug/wireless thingie in the other half of the lobby so photo updates will have to wait for a bit.

So quick recap:
- Drake Passage got a little heavier but there was still no problem and by the time we arrived at Ushuaia, the sun was out again.
In the morning we took a bus trip to the Tierra del Fuego national park which was rather nice, too. I'm particularly proud of a nice series of shots of a heron stalking the shore of a lake.
- The flight to Buenos Aires was delayed by over an hour and we were at the aiport far too early but that was relatively painless if annoying. The weather in BA was absolutely awful, hot (35ish) and incredibly humid and it wasn't much better even inside the public areas of the hotel but the rooms were fine.
The Tango Show in the evening was absolutely spectacular and the dinner was very good, too with one of the tastiest steaks I've ever had. They don't lie if they say that Argentina has the best beef...
- The journey home was long and arduous with lots of queueing and waiting at airports and being cramped into our seats (avoid Lufthansa at all costs!) but I managed to get to Frankfurt without a hitch and get my connection to Heathrow, too.

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