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This set is enormous and probably the most beautiful piece of music paraphernalia I own.
In a sturdy letter format cardboard slipcase with the Darkness cover on the front and a photo taken at the same location without the jacket you get a spiral bound scrapbook with reproduced hand written notes and lyrics, tour posters, tickets, setlists and lots of photos. The CDs and DVDs in cardboard sleeves are set in sturdy cardboard pages. This photo gives a rough idea of what it looks like.

- remastered version of Darkness on the Edge of Town
- two CD set The Promise - a mix of unreleased tracks and proto-versions of well-known ones
- the making of Darkness
- split DVD (the current E Street Band lineup playing the complete Darkness live and a collection of archive videos, both studio sessions and live shows)
- complete 3 hour concert taped in Houston in '78

It's pricey (£74 on amazon) but you get three CDs and three DVDs and that remarkable scrapbook.
If you're not that much a fan and just interested in the new/old tracks, you can get The Promise separately for a normal album price but if you want the DVDs, you'll need to fork out for this set.

I'm going to write up a review of the whole thing when I've had time to listen to/watch/read it all thoroughly but I'm already impressed and it doesn't just feel like a rerelease gimmick. Darkness is my favourite album, anyway, so to hear more tracks from that time (other than the ones that were on Tracks) is cool indeed. You can also tell where he would go musically as a number of those tracks have already a distinct River vibe.


27 Jun 2009 02:26 pm
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Watched some Neil Young at Glastonbury on iplayer. 64 and still Rocking in the Free World. Yeah. Bruce Springsteen, only 4 years younger, tonight. I guess I'll be glued to Radio6 online. Having seen how far from the stage even the first row is, I'm not too sad I can't be there. I get B.B. King and John Mayall at Wembley Arena tomorrow night instead. :o)

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So, last night's Springsteen gig adventure in full:

Figured that if I take the 16:45 train to Kings Cross, I'll get to the venue half sixish, half an hour after doors opened so the queue should have died down. Well, I did get to my entrance (which involved going round all the way inside the dome, marvelling at the queues in front of the restaurants, even Starbucks) at 6:30 but the doors took a while longer to open.

As I had a reserved seat I wasn't in a hurry so had a good look around. There are lots of drinks/food stands around the concourses of all four levels so if you wanted food or drink, the queues were really short (OKish prices for drinks, less so for food), except for the merchandise stand. Also lots of toilets.
The seating is rather steep so the heads of the people in the row in front of you are at ankle height and the seats themselves are rather comfortable.
The audience was rather mixed as usual with me falling pretty much in the average age group. Good not to feel old as I at so many gigs. ;o)
At about 20:40 the house lights finally dropped and the show started with Radio Nowhere from the current album. The sound was perfect in terms of volume and well balanced, too, quite possibly the best sound I've heard in a large venue, especially considering I was sitting in a corner relatively high up (with a clear view of the stage and one of the screens). I would have loved to hear at the sweet spot on the floor.
What followed was almost two and half hours of E Street Band power who played a wide selection of new material (7 from Magic), a couple from The Rising and the rest from between '75 and '84 with the tracks from BtR and Darkness being the crowd pleasers although the re-emerging Born in the USA tracks (I don't think he played Workin' on the Highway, even in '89) got a very good response, too. The other tracks I hadn't heard live before where Reason to Believe (which has involved into a John Lee Hooker style heavy blues number), Because the Night and one of my favourites, Racing in the Street plus Santa Claus is Coming to Town.
It should be noted that two members of the E-Street Band were missing: Danny Federici (replaced by Charles Giordano from the Seeger Sessions band), who's currently undergoing treatment for melanoma and Patti Scialfa (home with the kids) and there was definitely something missing from the sound.
While he has slowed down somewhat since the Rising tour(he is 59, after all), Springsteen still wraps the audience around his little finger, switches from Rock'n'Roll maniac to thoughtful poet in an instance and has lots of fun on stage, especially when he's bouncing off (sometimes literally) Little Steven and the Big Man.

Setlist with a few notes )

One thing I ought to mention: There were quite a few empty seats (I'd estimate about 100) despite the show being sold out. This can't just be people who couldn't make it for some reason or other but is most likely due to bloody ticket merchants. Even the touts in and outside the tube station were looking for tickets.

I was out of the door literally with the last chord of Santa and ahead of the main crowd into the tube station and managed to get onto the first train with almost 15 minutes to spare when I arrived at King's Cross. I got onto the slightly faster train and despaired when the driver announced that there wouldn't be a replacement bus for this train in Royston but that we would have to wait until the last (slooow) train arrived. This obviously didn't help my mood at all and I resigned myself to a freezing hour of waiting in Royston but thankfully, there was a bus after all and I was home before 2.
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Travelcard to London - £15.20
Ticket to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band live at the O2 - £53
Hearing Racing in the Street live - priceless

Full review tomorrow. I should be tired, especially after slow train and replacement bus, but I'm more awake than I was all day.

Got one!

30 Aug 2007 09:12 am
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Seated somewhere but it's a ticket. Woohoo!!!
Frantically refreshing the Seeticket page finally got me through after a minute (ticketmaster had none available after the first page). Standing tickets had all gone already (within a minute).
Phew and Yay!
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Back from Wembley and it was fantastic.
With two hours and twenty minutes the shortest Springsteen I've been to (usually they are an hour longer) but it was still awesome.
It was him on acoustic guitar and the entirely acoustic (if you ignore the pedal steel guitar in a few tracks) Seeger Sessions Band consisting of fifteen members (full horn section incl. susaphone, guitar, banjo, upright bass, two violins, piano/accordeon, background vocals) who pretty much filled the huge stage at Wembely Arena.
The played an almost one for one mix of tracks from the Seeger Sessions and Springsteen classics in the new style, most of them only recognisable by the lyrics. Really really cool. Johnny '99 sounded like a New Orleans funeral march and The River like an Irish Ballad. The two openers (Blinded by the Light and Does This Bus Stop on 52nd Street?) were completely reworked, too and sounded fresh and fine indeed. It was also the first time I didn't cry during Bobby Jean. Not that the Seeger Sessions version was bad, it just wasn't as moving...
All in all, glad I went. Despite being relatively far away, I had a clear view of the stage and the screen and the sound was very good, too.

And now, good night
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Even if you aren't a Springsteen fan but do like handmade music (classic Blues, Zydeco, Americana, Country etc.) go and listen to the preview of the Seeger sessions and then buy the album next Monday, even if it's from evil Sony.
This is roots music at its finest. Absolutely wonderful.
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Amazon.com have a video preview of the Seeger Sessions album (the track is John Henry).
Superb, can't wait (24th of this month).

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