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Buddy Guy was amazing.
He's 73 but you don't really notice it. He's still got the blues, his guitar playing is wonderful, his rapport with the audience is inspiring (he even went on a little tour through the main auditorium, making his way through the standing audience) and he clearly has a lot of fun doing it.
The light was brilliant and I managed to take some awesome pics with my G10. The shots could be a little sharper as focusing with a compact isn't great but the light was good and I could keep the ISO down to 400 which is important with the G10. The improved noise reduction in Lightroom 3 helped as well.

The main album is here on flickr which also contains a few more shots of Bjørn Berge, the support act.


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The first time I saw Buddy Guy was a few years ago when he supported Jeff Beck (who was rubbish) at one of the Tower of London gigs. He was absolutely brilliant then but I only saw a little bit of him when he wandered down the aisle during one track.
This time it was a headline gig at the Shepherd's Bush Empire and I was bright and early so ended up in the second row standing, probably about 3m from his microphone.
Support was by Bjørn Berge, just a Norwegian and his two acoustic guitars (a 12 and a 6-string) and a Seasick Steve-ish stomp box thing (but smaller, he just tapped it with his toes) playing anything from acoustic blues to some really wild multi-level picking madness, a bit like Rodrigo y Gabriela. Very good fun.
Just before I'd left I thought, 'ooh, I have a standing ticket and will be early, I could take the G10' which I did and I had an almost perfect spot. Just one shot, there'll be more when I'm done with The Perch.

After stage reset, Buddy Guy came on and played about one hour and 20 minutes of blues, fun and banter with the audience. He's 73 but still young at heart and you can tell that he's doing it because he has all the fun in the world going out and bringing his music to the audience. His voice is still strong with an amazing range from a deep bass to a wondrous falsetto and his guitar playing is top notch, be it traditional blues, emulating Hendrix or Clapton or playing with a drumstick, piece of cloth or his teeth.
What a wonderful, gracious, modest artist. Catch him while you can.


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The light was awesome: Canon G10 at ISO400, 1/60th-1/100th, f3.5-f4.5
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and introduces me to a fine blues guitarist called Joe Bonamassa. He cites his influences as mainly British (Clapton, Mayall etc.) but the first guitarist that came to my mind when I heard Joe was Jeff Healey. Awesome stuff.
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Great programme about Seasick Steve and Blues in general. Nice to see what Mississippi looks like in sunshine, I only had rain...
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Jeff Healey died on Sunday
I just read [livejournal.com profile] vyvyan's post which made me really sad. I saw him live twice in the early 90s, he was absolutely amazing. There was a chair in the centre of the stage and he would come on, walk towards the chair unaided, sit down, start playing, get up, jump and run around the stage, sit down again, never missing a beat or step, despite being blind...
Apparently, he did a lot of jazz recently which is probably why he disappeared from my radar. Must get the new album and some of his back catalogue, as "Hell to Pay" is on some tape somewhere...
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Just got Kenny Wayne Shepherd's Ten Days Out - Blues From The Back Roads, an album he recorded with various Blues greats across the country, from B.B. King to Hubert Sumlin, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, members of the Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf bands and so forth. All the tracks were either recorded live or as sessions. The music would be cool already but the album also comes with a full-length DVD with concert excerpts, interviews and behind the scenes footage. Highly recommended, and while 20.49 sounds a bit steep (import, it costs the same in dollars in the US), it's worth it for a full CD and DVD combo.
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Am rather wet and a little bit tipsy.

First night in Beale Street was cool. Had dinner at B.B. King's and listened to two bands (and ended up on stage with the first one, don't ask), the first played all kinds of covers and the second classic Rythmn&Blues, Soul and Funk, all very good and worth the $5 cover. I then moved on to the Rum Boogie Cafe where "Blues Healer" played dirty Memphis/Texas/Chicago Blues. Had a really nice chat with the drummer when they had a break. We were just chatting about music and then he basically told me his life story. Really nice guy. I was also in the place next door (with an connecting door between the two) where Dr. "Feelgood" Potts played classic Howlin' Wolf/John Lee Hooker style Blues.
Felt a bit unsafe on my walk back so will probably take a cab tomorrow. It was only a 15 minute walk so shouldn't be too expensive.

More exploring tomorrow, Stax Museum, Rock and Soul Museum, maybe Graceland although I'm considering doing Graceland on my way to Birmingham on Wednesday as I'm going South, anyway.
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The problem with Pandora is that you find many artists you hadn't heard of (Ian Siegal) or forgotten about (Walter Trout) and then have to resist buying their back catalogue straight away.

And after finding Ain't Nothing But, I want to move to Soho...
Ian Siegal plays there on the 4th of November and as I want to go to Black Celebration on the Sunday, anyway, I might make a weekend of it, if I can blag crash with M and H.

ETA: Solomon Burke, who I saw at the Cambridge Fringe Festival in summer, is on BBC2 tonight, 11:35. Watch it, he's awesome. Classic Soul of the finest caliber.
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Just listening to Buddy Guy's current album. Traditional Blues with some interesting twists and a few cool duets/collaborations (e.g. Ain't No Sunshine with Tracy Chapman).
He's one of the artists I'd really like to see live at one point. I wonder if he's touring the UK (his website says no but they say he's touring in autumn, too)...
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plays a mean blues harp. His singing isn't bad, either.

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