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The film has been included in the short film competition of this year's Raindance Festival.
You can go to the website, watch the film (Media Player stream) and see if you can spot me. ;o)
But, more importantly, I'm posting this to pimp the film because I think it's great and deserves recognition.
If you like the film, of which I have no doubt as it's a strong and clever short, please vote for it at the above link.
karohemd: by LJ user gothindulgence (Cinema)
The film has a small website and lo and behold, my name is on the Cast and Crew page. :o)
ETA: That website is dead. :( but the film is here.
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So I went to the Box Tree and had dinner (overpriced supermarket gnocchi with overcooked vegetables) and waited for the films to start. Some technical problems with the projector later, the show began.

First up was Horsemen, about the Four Riders of the Apocalypse meeting up at a country pub to discuss whether they should take on a fifth member. Fun little film.

Next was Guilty?, a little documentary with people talking about things they feel (or don't feel) guilty about. Lots of fun.

Then, Blood on his Hands, the one I was an extra in. I talked about the day here and the photos my character took are here.
It's a really good film, in terms of acting (stupid photographers aside), setting, production values as well as story. It doesn't tell you everything and you have to think about it.

Finally, One Little Step, a "seaside musical" and love story. Nicely made but far too cutesy for my taste.

All of them were shown in the "Short Film Corner" at the last Cannes Festival. Prepare your red carpets, people. :o)

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