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A different sort of blog post for me as I usually don't do product reviews as I either use fresh/locally produced ingredients or well-known brands.
I sometimes have a craving for a more substantial savoury snack so every now and then I get a pack of jerky or biltong from the supermarket. A while ago, I "met" Will Yates on twitter who produces his own home-made jerky in a variety of flavours. This month he offered a variety pack of all four flavours (BBQ, Teriyaki, Roast Beef & Mustard and the mighty Holy Fuck hot sauce) for a discount and I took the chance to order one and try it.
The jerky comes in 40g vacuum sealed bags to keep it in good condition. On ripping open a pack, you get a nice whiff of the flavour. The jerky is chewy but soft and nicely juicy. The flavours aren't that strong so you can still taste the meat which is clearly of good quality.
The Holy Fuck flavour I was slightly scared of. While I haven't had the sauce itself I've heard horror stories of it blowing the heads off even seasoned chilli heads. So I was surprised when that didn't happen to me at all. The effect is actually quite remarkable: When you bite into a piece of HF jerky, the heat sort of evaporates in your mouth (and your sinuses) which is a nice warm feeling. What remains is fruitiness as you continue to chew. It was clearly my favourite of the four.
So yes, if you fancy some jerky, you can't go wrong with Billy Franks.

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