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The Big Bang Theory has found its feet again. After a few rather mediocre and puerile episodes, last night's was brilliant (starring Leonard's mother). Yay.

This was the last US show I regularly follow this year. Everything else has either finished (SoA, Dexter) or is on break until the New Year which means I won't be missing anything while in the land of slow internet (my parents' house). I'll miss the next bit of End of Time but that will be on iplayer and Merlin finishes this Saturday. I'm sure someone will torrent Statuesque (the Neil Gaiman silent short starring AFP and Bill Nighy on Sky1 Christmas Day).

Bed now.
karohemd: by LJ user gothindulgence (TV)
I've now caught up on Season 3, yay. I continues to be good, especiallty the Sheldon/Wil Wheaton face/off in episode 5 (the first time I felt sorry for Sheldon but just a tiny bit because Wheaton was wonderfully evil) but the Gothowitz episode was embarrassing

After the fireworks last night (photo post) I watched Wonderland on BBC2 which had portraits of past University Challenge winners. That just showed how realistic the BBT characters actually are. Scary. Then again, they probably only picked ones that made for an "interesting" story.

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