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2013-01-27 10:13 pm

"Pies & Pints", 26/01/13

Continuing my local binge on Saturday, the destination was the hall by the Catholic church where the Cambridge Food and Wine Society had invited Carri of Pavitt's Pies to offer a tasting of her range of excellent home-made pies.
To go with the pies we had a selection of beers from the Moonshine Brewery in Cambridge which were equally excellent.
The pies on offer were:

Mushroom, onion and thyme (vegetarian)
Chicken and mushroom
Beef and ale
Cheese and onion (vegetarian)
Pork and chorizo
Pavitt’s Piemosa (vegetarian, similar filling to samosa but with a pie crust)

There was also a selection of beers from Cambridge's Moonshine Brewery: Parkers Piece, Reel Ale (orginally brewed for the Arts Cinema), Night Watch Porter, Silent Night, Black Dog and Boathouse Bitter, ranging from a pale ale to a strong Porter.

A few photographic impressions:

Carri Pavitt Pies and Pints with Pavitt's Pies

Pies and Pints with Pavitt's Pies

Cheese & Onion "Piemosa"
Carrie and Caroline Pies and Pints with Pavitt's Pies

For more impressions, have a look at Jean-Luc Benazet's blog with the official photos.
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2011-05-25 10:24 am
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Cambridge Beer Festival

was a lot of fun last night. Met up with friends ([livejournal.com profile] robinbloke, [livejournal.com profile] razornet, [livejournal.com profile] vyvyan and Oliver, [livejournal.com profile] mansunite, [livejournal.com profile] gothchip and others), tried two beers (Buntingford's Baltic Twitch, lovely dark stuff and Potbelly's Pigs Do Fly, a light but tasty golden ale) and an awesome cidre called Pickled Pig Rum Cask.
I also had a huge giraffe(!) sausage (another tick on my unusual food list) and a rather fine jalapeno chili and veg pasty. I ran into Robb (does sound around various pubs and small venues in Cambs) who I hadn't seen for years so had a good chat catching up with him.

Excellent drink and food, chats with friends old and new and a really good time. A wonderful way to spend an evening.

Was a bit sorry I didn't get to try more stuff but that cider almost knocked me over so I might go down again on Thursday.