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6 Oct 2015 01:55 pm
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Posted by Marc

Hoisin Salmon Salad

The crisp pea shoots and tender butter lettuce in this salad creates a verdant foil which pairs beautifully with the sweet, nutty hoisin glazed salmon. The dressing has a tangy Asian flair that’s redolent of ginger and sesame oil, complimenting the green tasting sprouts, while contrasting with the buttery salmon. Head over to PBS Food […]

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"What do you expect from Tories? They're evil!"
"What do you expect from The Left? They're so self-righteous!"
Liberals are up themselves, greens couldn't run a whelk stall, kippers are racist... You know what this relentless tide of assertion of stereotype does? It makes the public hate all of us. Because quite a lot of the public believe all the negative assertions. We're all nasty and selfish and incompetent and have no empathy and, and...

Now I'm not saying I've never done this. I'm as prone to groupthink and tribalism as the next politician, although I try very hard to avoid it. All I'm saying is that most people, the vast majority of the general public, don't feel like they belong to any of our tribes and view all of us with suspicion. If we treat each other with contempt, how can we blame the public for doing the same to all of us?

I think we all need to be reminded sometimes that while our political opponents might have wildly different ideas to us, the vast majority of them came into politics for the same reasons we did and do: to change the world for the better. We might argue with their ideas of better, or how to achieve those ends even if what we can agree on what the ends might be, but I've met very very few politicians who weren't in it for the best of reasons*.

Shall we have a nice chorus of Wouldn't It Be Nice If Everyone Was Nice now? ;)

* no, seriously. The stereotype of the money-grubbing snout-in-trough politico is so wrong it's laughable - most politicians lose vast sums of money on it. But that's a rant for another day.

Triple Garlic Noodles

4 Oct 2015 05:03 am
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Posted by Marc

Triple Garlic Noodles

Garlic is truly a wonder ingredient. Not only does it have the power to transfer its potent flavor into other foods, bringing mundane ingredients to life, it’s also capable of transforming into completely new flavors based on how it’s prepared. When raw, garlic is crisp, pungent and spicy. Fry it at high temperatures and it […]

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For those of you who do not know about this, there is a list of topics upon which I will not venture an opinion, even though I hold one, because on those topics no matter what opinion you venture you are villified. It's called the Israel/Palestine list because that is a pertinent example of a topic upon which you cannot advance an opinion of any kind without otherwise sane and rational people frothing with hatred and loathing for you, despite agreeing with you on pretty much everything else.

I'm quite an opinionated person, and I like having a good debate, so the list is quite short. Today, however, it got a new item added to it:

Nuclear weapons.
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So, the two parter which began the new series of Doctor Who is over, and the critiques have started appearing. I've read several. Some of them were very good, and went into great depth about elements of the story and the craft of writing it. Some of them were more superficial, and full of squee. Almost all of them, though, had one thing in common: they all concentrated on the Doctor/Davros relationship.

Now I'm a big Davros fangirl. I think he's a fascinating character, and his relationship with the Doctor is a complex one. I am dead set certain that when the Doctor says to Baby Davros "I've come to save my friend" the friend he is referring to is Davros, not Clara; this two parter struck me as being all about the nature of the Doctor's friendships. But* it does strike me that there's a big bit missing here.

I am reasonably sure that in any previous Doctor Who story the other major character would not have been so comprehensively ignored by almost everybody, except for those who want to complain about that character even existing. When The Master was a man, his every appearance was greeted with gallons of digital and literal ink dissecting his every nuance. Now (s)he's Missy, (s)he doesn't seem to matter any more. Missy is a woman over the age of forty, and can therefore safely be ignored.**

This really, really pisses me off, and not just because I'm less than 3 years away from hitting the magic age of invisibility myself. Michelle Gomez has put in a stunning performance as Missy, yet everything I read is about Julian Bleach***. Missy is the fulcrum on whom the majority of this story rests - it is she who gets the Doctor's Last Will And Testament Disc Thingy; it is she who works out that the space station is a fake and they're actually on Skaro; it is she who goads Clara, with the help of UNIT, into finding the Doctor in the first place, and it is she who (magnificently) pokes Davros in his electronic eye. At every turn she is advancing the plot or the other characters or both... And yet nobody seems to have noticed, because the only important thing is the bromance. I can dig that people like a bit of Doctor/Davros - hell, someone once wrote me Six/Davros slash for a birthday present - but really, people, there were LOTS of other characters onscreen too.

I actually feel sorry for the Moff here. I mean, he's clearly made a conscious effort to address his subconscious sexism**** in writing lots of women. And there goes the audience, still concentrating on the men. Because we've all been conditioned to think that what men say and do is important, and what women say and do is frivolous and can be ignored.

C-, must do better, Who fandom.

  1. I have not read every critique on the internet of the first two episode of the new series of Doctor Who. I am sure you can find counterexamples to what I have said here. One or two counterexamples will not convince me you have found anything other than exceptions. No, this does not mean post a huge long list of links that I will have to click on that will turn out to not actually disprove anything I have said at all.

  2. I am reasonably sure that none of the people I have read are doing this consciously or on purpose. I have spent a long time cultivating my various reading lists so that the sort of person who does this sort of thing on purpose does not appear in them. IMHO the fact that I have spent so much time making sure my reading lists are full of non-sexist people and this kind of thing still goes on is, frankly, even more disturbing.

* I like big buts and I cannot lie
** I don't actually know what Michelle Gomez's age is, but Missy/The Master is several thousand years old, and therefore well past forty.
*** my view? He's good, but he's no Terry Molloy. I realise there are those among you who think "he's no Terry Molloy" is the highest compliment one can pay an actor. You're wrong :P
**** Although not entirely successfully. For example, while all the speaking parts of the scene between UNIT HQ, Missy and Clara were women, women still made up less than 20% of the faces on screen. It's true, count 'em. All the snipers were men, for starters. This is Geena Davies's 17%-in-crowd-scenes thing right in front of our faces, and people on certain internet forums which I will not link to here STILL complained that the women were too prevalent, too noisy, etc.

White Peach & Rhubarb Pie

27 Sep 2015 05:12 am
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Posted by Marc

Freeform Peach Rhubarb Pie

Free-form pastries like this may not look quite as nice as an egg-washed lattice topped pie, but they involve far less effort, require no pie plate, and taste better. The first two benefits are pretty obvious, but the third is a little less intuitive, so let me explain. While a traditional pie is constrained to […]

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I've seen a thing on ThinkGeek that they only ship to USA and I can't find it anywhere else that ships to the UK :(
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This is borne out of a twitter chat with several people. Morgan suggested that the Green's "First Timer" badges might maybe be a good idea - I remain to be convinced on this, and would certainly not like them to be compulsory (which was not Morgan's suggestion, but I could see some people saying "why not just put it on the pass?" to which... no, not that). I reckon that people who are knowledgable about conference and it's working could wear an "ask me questions" badge, though, on a purely voluntary basis. I mean, I know we have the information desk, and the stewards are all party members mostly of long standing and know stuff, but what if you are a first timer and just assume that stewards are employed rather than party members, and approaching a big desk or a parliamentarian just seems too intimidating?

I don't think this needs to be on passes, but could just be a badge for people to wear.

It's only a small thing, but I think it could help newbies.

What do you lot reckon?

ETA: having looked into badge ribbons as suggested by [personal profile] po8crg I think they're an excellent idea, but can't find anyone producing them outside the US - so perhaps this is a case for Lib Dem Image?

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