Shichimi Togarashi

22 Jul 2014 03:31 pm
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Shichimi TogarashiShichimi Togarashi—also known as Japanese Seven Spice—is one of my personal favourites. It’s a seasoning with flavours that really pack a punch, and is absolutely divine on most things grilled. Must-have blend during BBQ season. Spicy, actually way more spicy than you’d expect a Japanese seasoning to be, but in a really good way; a citrussy way. Citrus is always good in my world. Few weeks ago someone (you know who...

Home Fresh Cheese Maker

21 Jul 2014 10:53 am
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BoskaIt’s pretty rare for me to blog about products I receive—mostly I write about stuff I buy myself. My culinary new finds. Think of me as Switzerland! Neutral; not raving because I’m paid to have a positive opinion, or out of fear for not getting free stuff anymore. You see that a lot these days on Dutch blogs. Not this time, though. This will be a full-on rave about the...
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Blueberry Maple Cake

20 Jul 2014 07:37 am
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Blueberry Maple Cake

When it comes to breakfast, I’m all about savory dishes. But like love, or geopolitics, my breakfast cravings are never so black and white. One thing I can count on, is that when I feel like something sweet for brekkie, a stack of moist blueberry pancakes will fit the bill. The way the rich creamy […]

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If you have never done it before, lighting a group shot outdoors in full sun can be daunting. After all, sun is pretty bright. And your subject is pretty big and thus harder to light at a high level.

But with a leaf-shutter camera and a couple of battery powered monoblocs, you can easily own the sun and just about anything you can put under it.

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I've got the support of one local party and a bunch of signatories already, but if anybody else wants to join in you've got about an hour. I have been assured by both former and current members of FCC that publishing it on my blog is not a problem, so the text is below the cut )
I realise that the wording is a bit techy, but I think it's necessary to root it in the terms of the court ruling, rather than just attacking DRIP per se.

If you want to add your name, email me your full name, party membership number and the name of your local party in the next hour or so.

Update Motion submitted and acknowledged recieved by FCC. Fingers crossed they accept it :)
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New Portfolio!

16 Jul 2014 01:39 am
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Posted by Matt

Hi! A quick post to let you know that I a) got off my butt and b) made a brand spankin’ new photo portfolio. Tons of new work, check it out at Thanks so much!


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I GET that DRIP is significantly less awful with the Lib Dem input than it would have been otherwise. I GET that Lib Dems in government fought hard to get the measly concessions we have got in a horrifically authoritarian bill that will give future secretaries of state for the home office carte blanche to introduce all the powers of the snoopers' charter without parliamentary oversight. I GET that we are the junior partners in a coalition and we can't have everything all our own way. I get that compromise is the only way anything would ever get done under this government, and I voted for the coalition at special conference in full and total knowledge that I was almost certainly signing the electoral death warrant for my party.

You know what?

There are some things that absolutely should be red lines. And when the name of your party is the Liberal Democrats you do NOT shill for a bill which is so profoundly illiberal and undemocratic on the basis that we made it a bit better by inserting a sunset clause (which the next majority govt of EITHER of the the other two big parties will gleefully repeal, even if it DOES take primary legislation to do so) and some bits of safeguard which AREN'T EVEN IN THE BILL but are to be put into a statutory instrument at some point maybe.

No. Fuck that shit.

What next? Greg Mulholland is going to try to tell me that pubcos are OK really and it could be worse?
Adrian Sanders is going to say that it's OK to torture animals if you don't kill them?
Lynne Featherstone will tell me that cutting is fine if you only take off ONE of the labia and not both?

Enough. Enough of this right now.

I want my party back, and I want the people in it that I looked up to and respected to start behaving like they did when I looked up to them and respected them, not like shills for the bloody authoritarian tories.

Pita Bread

15 Jul 2014 09:08 am
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Pita BreadIt’s been a bit quiet on the Dutch front, I know. The three of us came down with a monster-flu and, boy, it is a nasty one at that. Still haven’t kicked it. I joined in on the foodblogswap fun (us Dutchies sure love to cook from each other’s blogs) and lo and behold; I got to cook from my girl Es’ Factory. Bingo! Of course I was aiming for that, you...
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Calderdale Liberal Democrats' Policy Working Group met on Saturday night and we've written a motion for conference expressing our dismay at DRIP and what we feel the party's policy response should be. We do realise that DRIP will be pushed through before conference, but the motions deadline is Wednesday (when DRIP will be in the Lords) and we think this is the best way of getting the parliamentary party who are selling our principles down the river (for not even 30 pieces of silver or anything) to take notice.

I'm not going to publish the text of the motion here because conference office might take a dim view of that, but if you're interested in putting your name rank and serial number to it, message me in some way to let me know. It so far has the support of Calderdale local party and a few individuals, but the more the merrier.

My email is jennieDOTriggATgmailDOTcom if you want to contact me.


14 Jul 2014 12:30 pm
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My last head shot had been getting a little long in the tooth. So on a whim the other day, I redid it.

Gotta keep things fresh, I always say. So I try to redo my head shot every seven years, whether it needs it or not.

As photographers, we only get to see one side of the equation—and that does not involve looking down the barrel of the gun, either. So being on the receiving end is always a learning experience. Even more so when you are on the shooting and receiving end.

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Dreamwidth news: 14 July 2014

14 Jul 2014 08:25 am
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Hello, Dreamwidth! I come with the assistance of our kitten, who likes to help with technical matters, to bring you a quick round of Dreamwidth news.

This is a short update, because I'm sneaking it in under the wire before elbow surgery (which is scheduled for 24 hours or so from now, eep), so I may not be able to respond to all comments and I definitely won't be able to respond past tomorrow -- prognosis is anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks before I'll be typing regularly again, and dictation software doesn't work for me.

Behind the cut:

* Development
* Responsive design: styles changes
* Date/time check removed when posting
* Bugfix for comment import problems
* Mail sending problems
* Tales from the Conference

A reminder: Whenever a news post is posted, all notifications are delayed for a little while as the mail system sends out notifications of the announcement. Comment notifications may be delayed for up to an hour or two. This was posted slightly before 0830 EST (see in your time zone). Please don't worry about missing notifications until at least 1030 EST.

Dreamwidth news, 14 July 2014 )
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