Book Signing in Dublin, Ireland

26 Jul 2016 07:21 pm
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Posted by Béa


In a few days, I am off to Europe, and I am oh so excited to announce that, while there, I will be signing copies of my book “My French Family Table” at Hodges Figgis (56-58 Dawson Street) in Dublin, Ireland, on Tuesday August 16th at 6 PM.


I cannot wait to be in Ireland again to see family and friends–we all love to return at every time!

If you live close by, come and say hello. I’d love to meet you and chat about food, family, and whatever else.


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1, It's not perfect. People who are more important to listen to on racism than me have some issues with Patty as a character; I can see those issues, and think that they could have been solved better (& could be solved in sequels). I do think, though, that Patty was not treated anywhere NEAR as badly as Winston was in the original.

2, I actually liked the gross-out jokes; in a film starring four guys those wouldn't even be commented on.

3, Holtzmann getting to do the slow-mo BadAss Action Hero shooty bit actually made me fill up. How many times do women get to DO that? And it was SO perfect, and there were no Male Gaze "this girl's doing it for you boys" tits'n'arse close-ups while she did it; she got to be the power fantasy that's usually reserved for men, but for ladies. I can only think of two other characters in recent years who have done that: Furiosa and River Song. There are countless, COUNTLESS male versions of this.

4, I loved that the film took all the pre-release criticism it recieved, and incorporated it into the film, every time with a big finger in the face of dudebro sexist arseholes everywhere. From characters reading internet comments to Slimer and Lady Slimer getting a Thelma and Louise moment, each bit was pitched beautifully.

5, Like Andrew says, it was fabulous to have a movie about a group of people where none of them are on the arsehole-with-a-heart journey that Bill Murray always plays. In fact, none of the four leads are arseholes, and none of them is a sexy lamp either. They're PEOPLE. Yep, it is 2016 and the fact that a film with four female leads doesn't make any of them into a total cliche is worth commenting on (note: while elements of Patty's character can be argued to be cliched, she's bookish and a history nerd; those things do not fit the stereotype).

Genuinely, while it's not perfect, I think this is the best film I have seen in ages. It's fun, it's funny, it's got a heart the size of New York, and you should all go see it.

See this film if:
  • You're alive.

Don't see this film if:
  • You're a sexist dudebro, or a gamergater, or otherwise an example of a person who has no humanity.

Scores: Acting: 9/10, Script: 9/10; Technical 10/10, Feels 10/10. Overall 9.5/10

If you liked this you should watch: it again. I did. And I very, VERY rarely see a film more than once in the cinema on initial release.

Star Trek Beyond

1, I liked that the script gave all the characters something to do, and that none of them felt incompetently handled, or incompetent at their jobs, both of which accusations could occasionally be levelled at Original Trek. Also, Scotty actually using Scottish words (I nearly typed "sounding like a Scotsman" then, but Pegg's accent is... variable) was grand.

2, I loved how they handled the death of Leonard Nimoy. The fact that the one thing Spock Prime brought with him from the alternate universe was a publicity shot for The Undiscovered Country photo of himself with all his friends, that he must have carried everywhere with him... that was just adorable.

3, I loved Jayla, and hope she will appear in future films. Given that they have said they are not going to recast Chekhov, and that she is now in Starfleet Academy, this could be an organic way of helping the gender balance a bit - they still need to bring back Chapel and Rand as well, mind.

4, Spock calling McCoy "Leonard", and his heartfeltness when he thinks he's going to die. Just... Oh the feels. Karl Urban continues to excel as McCoy, and Zach Quinto's Spock is pretty effing awesome too. I loved McCoy in all his crotchety grumpy glory, and he got to be the wise old bird a lot here, which is a role he fits well.

5, Idris Elba is his usual stunning self both in and out of his face-obscuring make-up.

6, I was one of the many people in the cinema clapping with sheer delight at the Beastie Boys saving the day. And yes, it was a bit of a cheesy thing referring back to the first Abrams film like that, and calling it "classical music", but I don't care. And choreographing the explosions to the music was beautiful, and totally fits with the excuse the plot uses for the music being there.

See this film if:
  • You're a fan of original Trek or Voyager or both, and you want to see Trek on screen actually be what it has always been in your head.
  • You want to see what Spock and McCoy are like together without Kirk as a buffer zone (adorable!).
  • You like the idea of Chekhov's gun being the Beastie Boys.

Don't see this film if:
  • You don't like things going kaboom lots.
  • You like your scifi incredibly cerebral.
  • You can't handle Simon Pegg's "Scots" accent.

Scores: Acting: 8/10 (but 10/10 for Karl Urban), Script: 9/10; Technical 10/10, Feels 10/10. Overall 9/10

If you liked this you should watch: Star Trek II & III & IV as a set, or VI
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Posted by Marc Matsumoto

When our friends at method offered to sponsor a post on No Recipes I was thrilled because I love their products. I mean love, as in I'm sitting here sniffing an open bottle of pear ginger dish soap as I type this... Love, as in I pack method products in my suitcase to bring home to Japan every time I'm in the US (method peeps, your products will sell in Japan.... call me). The customs people in Japan are always surprised when they open up my suitcase expecting to find booze, and discover my stash of cleaning products instead. With...

Continue reading "Caramelized Pear Red Velvet Cupcakes with Ginger White Chocolate Frosting"

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[Films] Supernova (2000)

21 Jul 2016 09:32 pm
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The six-person crew of a long-tour medical/rescue ship receive a distress signal from a distant mining operation. So, responding to such things being their raison-d'etre, they respond. Needless to say, in the interest of drama, it doesn't go entirely smoothly. (For more details, watch the film.)

For a ship with a crew of six, they did pretty well on the high-Charisma-rolls bell curve - James Spader, Angela Bassett, Lou Diamond Philips, and Robin Tunney are all aboard ...

And the ship itself, Nightingale 229, is an interesting design - it appears logically modular, with a spinning section in the middle, presumably to provide artificial gravity, but the non-spinning bridge does not appear to be in zero-gravity. The shuttle, meanwhile, has an odd steampunk look to it. And I did find myself wishing that they'd just turn some proper white lights on, rather than relying on LED blue for the bulk of the interior lighting - surely, on a medical vessel, that would make finding a vein a challenge ...

Overall, a pretty good SF horror (not as horrific as Event Horizon, but few are ...) with a small crew facing a greater-than-expected challenge.
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Summer is about that

18 Jul 2016 01:38 am
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Posted by Béa


Strawberry Flan with Orange and Coconut Milk,
a recipe from my book My French Family Table

Despite its relaxed and slower feel, summer remains a busy time of the year in our household. I am literally tied to the garden. It’s the time when so many wonderful produce become also available at farmer markets’ stands. Invariably, I get more than I need and cook a storm in the kitchen.

We love it.


Strawberry picking with my children

Sometime in June, I took Lulu and Rémy–his first time–strawberry picking. I had forgotten how sweet it is to watch a young child discovery a strawberry field for the first time. As to her, Lulu is now a champion strawberry picker! I am loving that age of hers when she is so proud to help with these summery activities.


Strawberry Jam

Together, we baked strawberry tarts, made strawberry flan and jams, and I filled bags with the leftovers and froze them, with the intention o making fresh strawberry sorbet–a classic recipe I like to fix quickly to finish a meal.


Strawberry Sorbet

And then with raspberries, we made more ice cream when friends came over for a meal.


Coconut ice cream with raspberry swirl,
a recipe from my book My French Family Table

This week, I also have book events happening.

On Friday July 22nd, I will be talking about my book and signing copies at Porter Square Books in Cambridge (MA), starting at 7 PM.

If you live around, come and say hello. I’d be delighted to meet you.

Bonne semaine !

And of course, lots of love and thoughts are going to my people in France right now, and everywhere where violence and crimes arise. Always hopeful for a better and happier world for us and our children.

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I got this idea from a Gwyneth Paltrow cookbook, and while I doubt my Publix pita bread would meet with her approval, it's a really good idea. I can think of all sorts of modifications. Next time if I feel like getting fancy, I may try adding some shredded chicken and spinach.

Pita Pizza

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