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All the usual things, really. Met up with and broke bread with people I consider family. Voted in lots of debates. Went to fringes. However, there are a couple of things that were out of the ordinary:

- I was very proud that Calderdale's anti-racism motion went through (helped along by a barnstorming speech from the amazing Pauline Pearce).

- I was similarly proud that our amendment to the transport motion went through, and it's now officially lib dem policy to support HS3 connecting the north.

- I made a few speeches, but one that was particularly well-recieved was the one on the social security motion. (if you're a license fee payer, you can watch it here for the next 27 days - I'm at 1 hour 40 minutes and 15 seconds in). Sadly conference still voted the motion through, albeit with amendment one removing the commitment to sanctioning people, but I apologise to all my disabled friends that I wasn't able to get it voted down for the commitment to devolve WCA to local councils (several times this was nonsensically referred to from the stage as "abolishing" WCA - like local councils have the money or inclination to run it any better than ATOS or Maximus).

- I co-hosted Glee for the first time. Which was initially terrifying, but actually... lots of fun. And I really genuinely loved seeing all the journos who gladly sing along with stuff while they are there doing their biennial pretending-to-be-outraged-at-Glee articles the morning after.

Lots of other people from Calderdale made speeches too - Mick Taylor, Ruth Coleman Taylor, Sarah Noble and Alisdair Calder McGregor prominent among them - till it got to the point where in a debate on the final day the chair made a joking reference to a constitutional requirement that someone from Calderdale must speak in every debate for it to be valid. While we didn't win every fight, I think we did pretty well. All in all I think we had a pretty good conference.

And now it's back to the real world...

Tomato Nikujaga

18 Sep 2016 11:22 am
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Posted by Marc Matsumoto

I've written about Nikujaga (肉じゃが), or "meat and potatoes" before, it's one of my favorite Japanese comfort foods and it's super easy to make. I recently stumbled across a way to make it even easier and tastier. A definite win-win! The traditional way to make nikujaga is to simmer beef, potatoes, onions and carrots in dashi, a type of Japanese soup stock. It gives the dish the signature Japanese flavor with an intense umami and a mild smoky flavor from the dried bonito. While <a href="http://norecipes.com/recipe/dashi-recipe">making dashi</a> isn't hard, it does require some extra time. In this version, I've replaced...

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On Saturday night, the Near Dark Over Europe tour reached London, on the penultimate date. Three bands and one DJ visiting a range of venues - The Last Dance, The Last Cry, and Strap On Halo, with DJ Martin Oldgoth. Stylistically, all bands share the classic guitar-goth approach - guitar, bass, and vocals (with a live drummer for The Last Dance, and the traditional drum machine for the other two).

It had been a while since I'd seen The Last Dance and The Last Cry, and I'd not seen Strap On Halo before, so I ordered a ticket and headed up. Definitely a good decision - three good bands playing three good sets - I'd recommend catching them again.

Being me, I took cameras as well - so here are some sample photos (links to the main gallery are at the bottom) - as usual, feel free to use them with credit ...

Strap On Halo
Sample photos behind cut )

The Last Cry
Sample photos behind cut )

The Last Dance
Sample photos behind cut )

Other photos
Sample photos behind cut )

All Strap On Halo photos

All The Last Cry photos

All The Last Dance photos
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On being burgled - UPDATED

12 Sep 2016 12:33 pm
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For those of you who don't follow me on twitter:

- we got burgled last night.
- they took small, easily carried things like laptops, wallets, and the phone I'd just sold on ebay
- The police have been fantastic, especially responding officer PC Lewis and Fiona from the crime scene unit.
- for various reasons (which I'll maybe talk about publicly later) we are hopeful they'll get caught, and we'll get at least some of our stuff back
- response from internet friends has been amazing. You're all lovely, and anyone who says internet friends are not REAL friends can get tae fuck right now.

Some things which are really bothering me right now:

1, as I've talked about before, we couldn't get contents insurance due to the make-up of our household. There is no insurance company which is set up to deal with poly households. So anything that's gone is gone.
2, Roxy, who barks if somebody farts at the top of the street, made no noise at all. This is odd.
3, The thing I am most bothered about is the wallet I don't usually carry around. It had in it my Women's Suffrage lucky 50p coin, and a little plastic penny that Holly gave me when she was little because she knew I was short of money and I kept it because I'm soppy. So, you know, the things that are worth money are just money, but that little worthless plastic coin...
4, the guy who bought my phone on Ebay, even after being given the crime number, is ranting at me about how I'm running a scam, despite me having given him a refund.

But mostly I am OK, everyone else is OK, nobody (canine or human) was hurt, and we think they're going to get him.

This has been your installment of drama for your friends list today...


The police have a suspect in custody and we're going to get at least some of our stuff back. How they caught him is really quite funny, and perhaps after he has been on trial I will post the tale :)
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Larb Mu (ลาบหมู)

11 Sep 2016 02:36 am
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Posted by Marc Matsumoto

For most people in the West, Larb (Lao: ລາບ; Thai: ลาบ) is a associated with Thai Isan cuisine, but did you know it's origins are in Laos? One look at a map should clear up any confusion as the Isan region of Thailand sits adjacent to Laos and has a large Lao population. Although it's a meat based salad, the preparation and seasonings make it taste light and refreshing, and yet it's satisfying enough to be turned into a balanced meal with a plate full of fresh veggies. Sublimely balanced between tart, spicy, savory and sweet tastes, and accented by...

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I can never have too many...

11 Sep 2016 11:08 am
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[livejournal.com profile] ghoti posted a list of 5 things they felt they could never have too many of, for the times when someone wanted to give them a small present. I thought this was a great idea and (with permission) am hereby memeing it.

My list is:

  • postcards with thoughtful messages on
  • tiny bottles/packets/jars of interesting seasonings
  • gel pens in any colour other than blue
  • small packets of unusual types of rice
  • themed postal stamps (i.e. ones that cost the same as normal stamps but have different pictures on)

What's yours?

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