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So I'm registering on a website (I'm not going to tell you which one) and it asks me to pick a question for security for in case I forget my password. And all the usual ones are either public knowledge and therefore googlealbe, or debatable and therefore I would forget which answer I had put. But I don't have to pick from the usual ones. I can make up my own.

Problem is, all that's coming into my head is "What was your mother's maiden name?" which EVERYONE knows (or can easily find out) or "what was your first pet's name?" (it depends - Shadow was in the house when I was born, but was she technically MY pet or my brothers'? And then there was Minstrel the rabbit, but he didn't last very long. It could be Sheba... Of course my first pet that I bought for myself with my own money and when living in my own house was Byron mayherestinpeace... you can see how I tie myself in knots with these things, right?)

Then inspiration struck.

So my Top Sekrit Security Question on this website is "Upon whose grave did you swear to Charlotte that you were not a spy?"

Those who know me may well be able to guess, which is why I'm not telling you which website, although it might take a couple of goes. The people who were in the room when it happened will know. But anyone trying identity theft will just find the question confusing... (please, no guessing games in the comments, though ;)).
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tl;dr version: all the puppy stuff went below no award, as did some of the non-puppy stuff. Things I particularly hated that were non-puppy included The Day The World Turned Upside Down by Thomas Olde Heuvelt and Sex Criminals Volume 1: One Weird Trick, by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky. If I could have given like an overall Hugo for the best thing of all on the ballot, it would have gone to Ms Marvel, no question, that was fantastic.

If you want more detail than that, you'll find it below the cut... )
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Here are some things that are facts:
  1. Most people either don't care about or actively despise most politicians

  2. Everyone in the Westminster bubble - politicians, journos, everyone* - is completely out of touch with actual public opinion, which is both more right wing** and more left wing*** than the Westminster consensus.

  3. The intellectual incoherence of the average voter's views and the fact that they can be both horrifically right wing and horrifically left wing at the same time has, since the early eighties, mostly benefited the right wing of the Westminster bubble.

  4. There is absolutely no guarantee that this is a natural law, it's just how it's fallen so far

  5. People detest those they perceive to be airbrushed, polished politicians much more than those they perceive to be genuine, even if they disagree with them.****

  6. Only one of the candidates for the labour leadership fits this mould.

  7. Proper lefties haven't had someone to vote for who has a chance of winning in decades. That does not mean that proper lefties don't exist any more, it just means they've either held their noses and voted without enthusiasm or stayed home.

  8. We don't know how many of those people there are. There could be, as the right wing media would like us to believe, hardly any. Equally, there could be loads. We simply do not know.

  9. However many of them there are, there is only one candidate for the Labour leadership who can enthuse them.

  10. Lib Dems celebrating that Labour are "abandoning the centre ground" are forgetting two things about recent history: firstly, that our time of greatest success in recent years was when we were explicitly to the left of Labour, under Kennedy, and secondly that trying to make ourselves equidistant from the two Labservative parties in the last election did not lead to much success
Now, I'm not saying that it's absolutely certain that Corbyn will win the Labour leadership, and go on to enthuse a country sick of austerity and being told we must bail out the bankers while minimum wage workers have to shoulder their share of the pain, far from it. But I think those who laughingly dismiss it as a possibility are hopelessly naive. Surely the one thing we can all, on all sides of the political divides, agree on after the last election is that none of us knows what the electorate will do? We were all so sure it was going to be a hung parliament, we believed the polls, and now look at us.

So maybe Corbyn is a leftwing dinosaur, a blast from the past, and completely unelectable, and will destroy the Labour party. Or maybe lefties under the age of 40 have NEVER had someone they can vote for, and Corbyn looks refereshingly unairbrushed and says what he thinks, and anyway retro is trendy these days. I'm just saying that perhaps those of us who aren't in Labour ought to be just a little bit more circumspect and a little less sneering, lest it all come back to bite us in the arse?

* and yes, I do include myself in this
** criminals and benefit scroungers should be hanged and flogged, immigrants should all be sent back where they came from
*** railways should be renationalised, pensions and tax credits should all be raised massively because working people on tax credits are not benefit scroungers
**** Even those embedded in politics, like me. For instance, Ann Widdecombe's political views are a foul stain on humanity, but I can't help but have a grudging respect for her because she at least seems to have a consistent philosophy and applies it with intellectual rigour.
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Avocado Lox Summer Rolls

30 Jul 2015 12:39 am
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Posted by Marc

Smoked salmon, avocado and dill summer roll with a caraway honey

One of my favorite ways to come up with new dishes is to take flavors from one cuisine and use them in a dish from another. These summer rolls wrapped in rice paper would be distinctly vietnamese were it not for the lox, dill, parsley, and avocado inside. With a honey mustard caraway sauce for […]

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While visiting Rochester in April, we also visited the new premises of Bruno's French Bakes and Coffee (next door to the previous premises), which, it seems, is one of the few non-Dickens-themed venues in Rochester. Excellent coffee, and absolutely stunning cakes. If you're ever nearby, I recommend popping in. As per previous set of photos, Rochester's quite pretty, too, but I'm not sure that it lives up to the cakes.

Samples behind cut )

Full gallery
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See that? That's the high water mark to date for my dual-purpose creativity with a speedlight case. Being padded, I use it as a thermos for my station-purchased beverage when home-bound from New York City on the train.

(Works totally ace, BTW.)

But that bar just got seriously upped today by the LumoPro LP742 "LightSwitch" speedlight case.

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Posted by Marc


I’ve probably said this before, but for me, contrasts are what make life exciting. Whether it’s diving into an ice bath after coming out of a sauna, or an eclectic gathering of people, I feel most alive at the convergence of extremes. This is especially true with food. A few bites of a cheesy pasta […]

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The Three-Body Problem (Three-Body, #1)The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin

OK, as usual for a book that's going on my Abandoned shelf, I'm not rating this. I have tried so hard to read it, but I just cannot get into it at all. I don't care about any of the characters, and even were I to start to care, there's so many of them and they appear or disappear entirely at random (or so it feels to me). There's just nothing hooking me into the story.

I am reliably informed that the story is good, and I'm sure it is. But more than a quarter of the way through this book, I'm just getting the feeling life is too short to find out, especially as it ends on a cliffhanger and expects me to rush right out and get the next one.


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Kimchi Pork Belly Tacos

22 Jul 2015 02:40 am
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Posted by Marc

Kimchi Pork Belly Tacos

We all know that kimchi and pork belly are a match made in heaven, but pork belly is one of those cuts of meat that usually benefits from a nice long braise. By slicing the meat thinly though, these kimchi and pork belly tacos can be put together in about 10 minutes! Head to PBS […]

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As some of you will know, the news is now out. Club Shenanigans will be mothballed after the next two events. So if you want to catch our eclectic mix of tunes and our unique combination of DJs, you've only got two chances left ...

Shenanigans: Hits and Myths
Saturday 29th August 2015
Canal 125, 125 Caledonian Road, N1 9RG
£5 (£4 NUS/NHS)

8pm-9pm: Casputin
9pm-10pm: Arachne
10pm-11pm: DJ Landmine
11pm-12am: Hamst0r
12am-1am: Gintrade
1am-2am: DJ Spunky Lobster

Shenanigans: Zombies in Wonderland
Saturday 24th October 2015
Canal 125, 125 Caledonian Road, N1 9RG
£5 (£4 NUS/NHS)

8pm-9pm: dBsurfeit & The Mistress of Puppets
9pm-10pm: Brown Jenkin
10pm-11pm: Gintrade
11pm-12am: Hamst0r
12am-1am: Marc Burrows VS. Andy Heintz SPECIAL TMTWNBBFN TOUR APPEARANCE
1am-2am: DJ Spunky Lobster

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