Key Lime Cheesecake Pie

20 Oct 2014 12:34 pm
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Posted by Kay

Key Lime Cheesecake PieYep, you read that right. You see, this (no bake) key lime cheesecake pie was made with real key limes… while I’m in the Netherlands! Really, folks, this ranks incredibly high on the coolness scale because we only have regular ole limes on my side of the pond. A big shout out to my girl Ellen over at In My Red Kitchen, who was sweet enough to mail me a...
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Shenanigans: You Must Not Read From The Book. Though, judging by the glowing runes on some people's skin, that was an instruction that was completely disregarded. Oh well. Souls are optional accessories. Some fine costumes, too.

Setlist )

Hearty soup

19 Oct 2014 11:40 am
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Fall is soup weather! This recipe is a good soup for cooler weather - hearty, filling, healthy and thrifty. It uses dried legumes, as being both healthier for you and less expensive than the canned variety, but feel free to substitute canned if you don't have the time or inclination to simmer beans.

Recipe and picture below the cut )

Homemade Lox

19 Oct 2014 02:00 am
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Posted by Marc

Easy recipe for making lox at home out of fresh salmon.

It always amazes me how people pay $30-50 per pound for lox given how easy it is to make at home. Fresh salmon costs about a third of this price, and the only other ingredients you need are salt, sugar and a little bit of time. Lox refers to salmon(traditionally the belly) that has been […]

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Garlic Parsley Naan

15 Oct 2014 08:02 pm
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Posted by Kay

Garlic Parsley NaanI found this recipe in my now forever favourite edition of the Dutch Delicious magazine; the Asia update. It’s a brilliant recipe. It just works, people! I don’t know if it’s the Greek yoghurt they’ve added to the dough, or the chili oil, garlic and parsley mix I’ve brushed all around, but the flavour, structure and overall feel of this Naan is so good you can’t get enough of stealing...
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Hi all,

Today another SSL vulnerability was announced. This one is named POODLE and is, while serious, much less serious than the Heartbleed event from some months ago.

Unfortunately, the only real way to fix the problem is to disable something called "SSLv3" entirely. Basically, this means that we instruct our servers that they are no longer allowed to speak version 3 of the SSL protocol (you can think of it as a language -- we ban this language from our servers). It turns out this is generally OK since most browsers don't actually speak using SSLv3 these days -- you actually use what's called TLS, which is a more modern, better way of protecting the stuff you send across the Internet.

The SSLv3 protocol is actually around 15 years old at this point, and TLS has been out so long that nearly every browser out there supports it. However, shutting off SSLv3 does mean that very old browsers -- IE6, for one -- can no longer talk to Dreamwidth using encryption. In this case, since the encryption wouldn't actually mean anything, we think it's better to not even pretend that it works.

I will be making this change sometime in the next hour or three. This really should impact almost none of you, but there might be one or two and, in that case, I'm sorry. We think it's better to do this so you know you're not actually secure than to let Dreamwidth pretend to be secure.

Edit: This has been deployed. SSLv3 is disabled on Dreamwidth.

Comments and questions welcome, as always!

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Posted by Marc

Niratama (Garlic Chive Scrambled Eggs)

I think a lot of people have this impression that making Japanese food is complicated. While it’s easy to see how something unfamiliar could seem unattainably difficult, in this case it’s a myth that just isn’t true. Traditional Japanese cuisine evolved alongside a Zen buddhist philosophy of ascetic minimalism and so while the preparations may […]

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Feed Supper

13 Oct 2014 01:36 pm
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Posted by Matt

When my bestie asked if I our backyard was available to host a  Feed Project’s Feed Supper for a few friends, I didn’t hesitate to respond with a giant “YES!” Dedicated to raising money to provide food for those in need, the Feed Supper is a novel way for everyone to get involved with friends and family and raise money for their giving partners, the WFP and Feeding America.  I encourage you to visit the website to learn more, and while the Feed Supper project is almost over, there’s never a bad time to think about those in need.

(also, giving money to Feeding America couldn’t be easier if you have an Amazon account! Just saying!)

Here are some shots from Friday night’s dinner. Also, the menu was simple, fun, and fresh and featured Gaby’s incredible Bruschetta Bar.





Non-alcoholic cocktails

12 Oct 2014 05:50 pm
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I hosted a non-alcoholic cocktail party yesterday, and thought I'd share the recipes here. They're all pretty tasty. The julep is rather too sweet for me, but others liked it.

Iced green tea with pomegranate and ginger


It says to use pomegranate molasses with no added sweeteners, but I used a bottle from the Turkish shop with sugar in, and it was fine. I also used 6 cups of cold water instead of 8, since my first test batch tasted a bit too diluted.

Raspberry shrub with soda water


Tomato water

Core tomatoes, chop roughly, blend with hand blender until all large pieces are broken up - don't blend too long because you don't want to break up the seeds and release their bitterness. Season to taste with salt and sugar, adding bit by bit, stirring well, and tasting. You want to get to the point where it's not salty but the flavour of the tomatoes is really brought out, and it's not sweet but there's very little detectable sourness. Now you can add other flavourings - e.g. black pepper, torn basil leaves, etc.

Line a sieve over a bowl with a fine-mesh cloth (I use a square from a net curtain offcut), ladle the tomatoes in, let it drip for a moment, then gather up the corners of the square, tie string around, then use the string to suspend the parcel over the bowl and let it drip until it stops dripping. Don't squeeze the bag because that will make the tomato water cloudy.

400g tomatoes makes 200ml tomato water, which is a nice amount for one person. Use the leftover tomato pulp in a sauce or stew.

Spice and tonic

Recipe (scroll down to "Ginned Up").

I gave the juniper, coriander, and cardamom a quick bash in the pestle and mortar before adding them to the pan. I bought the lemon and orange peel from The Spiceworks.


Recipe (scroll down to "Georgia Mint Julep").

I made the peach syrup as stated (with fresh peaches since I couldn't find frozen). When I made the drinks, I doubled the lemon juice and left out the powdered sugar.

Kani Salad

12 Oct 2014 03:12 am
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Posted by Marc

Japanese-American crab stick salad with crunchy cucumbers, harusame noodles and lime zest.

After receiving about a dozen requests for my version of Kani Salad over the years, I figured it’s high time I figure out what the hype is all about. Yep, that’s right, until I started getting requests for it, I’d never heard of this dish, much less tasted it. If you ask for a “kani […]

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So last night's dreams involved rescuing Brian May from badger cullers and hiding him in the space under the sofa (leading to Dream!SarahBrownCambridge asking me if I still had a guitarist in my sofa at one point)... ANYWAY. One thing one would obviously do if one had Brian in the sofa house would be to filk Queen songs. Allow me to present Dreamer's Poll:

Oh I used to be your MP
Used to be your pride and joy
I used to represent you
Just like any other boy
But now you've found another candidate
And left me like a broken toy

Oh it's someone else you're meeting
Someone else you're votin' for
Honey though it's fleeting
Know just what I have to do
If you don't like me when you're wakin'
I'll go to sleep and dream that you do

Oh take me take me take me
To the dreamer's poll
I'll be right on time
And I'll dress so fine
You're gonna vote for me when you see me
I won't have to worry
Take me take me
Promise not to wake me till it's morning
It's all been true


Anyhoo, I have an action day to get to. Laters!
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So, in case you're wondering what we got up to in Glasgow, here's us speaking from the stage.

Firstly, our lovely PPC for Calder Valley, Alisdair Calder McGregor spoke several times... )

Todmorden's own Ruth Coleman-Taylor spoke twice ) and also filled a good half of the first Today at Conference )

My lovely treasurer Dr Mick Taylor also spoke twice )

Sarah Noble spoke twice too )

Oh yeah... And I spoke agin gender quotas )
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You may recall that last time we had federal party elections I did a Q&A for each candidate who could be bothered to send me answers for the elections to two of the federal committees - FCC & FPC*. This is because if we are going to vote on something I feel it's important for someone to make at least a token attempt to inform the electorate.

This year, therefore, I am going to go one better and send out questions to candidates standing in ALL the federal elections except presidential** - FCC, FPC, FE, International Relations and ELDR delegation.

Each candidate will get a set of questions - or two sets if they are standing for two bodies, etc. - and I will publish a list of all the candidates, and then link to their answers in seperate posts as I did last time. I'm open to discussion on how many questions they should get. Last time they got 11 for each post, and my instinct is that was a bit too long. But OTOH more questions is more information for the electorate...

The purpose of this post is to ask you to submit questions to me so I can compile question lists. What would you want an answer to from every candidate? I suspect the questions will be different for each body because they have different purposes.

Personally, I think that two of the questions should be "Are you standing for any other committees, if so which ones; and if elected to more than one how do you plan to divide your time?" and "Are you standing for the first time or restanding? If first time what new thing do you bring that nobody else could; if restanding, what about your record are you most proud of that you think should make us vote you back in?" but I am open to suggestion on improvements for wording etc, and the other 8 questions for each election.

How to submit a question

Leave a comment on this post. Tweet it at me. Email me at jennieDOTriggATgmailDOTcom.
Obviously I can't guarantee that your question will make the list, or won't be melded with someone else's question, but I think crowdsourcing is the way to go on this.

Once nominations close on the 15th of October I will then contact each candidate with a list of questions, and publish any answers I receive on here. Deadline for receipt of questions I am therefore going to make Midnight on Sunday 12th October, which will give me a bit of time to compile lists and decide which ones to ask.

If you're a candidate (or hoping to be a candidate) it would help me ENORMOUSLY if you could ping me an email address that I can contact you on so that I can start setting up mailing lists in advance, too ;)

* I think somebody else did FE - maybe Nick Barlow? ETA: or as Nick says in the comments, maybe Andy Hinton. God my memory is poor these days.
** because every bugger is doing Q&As with the presidential candidates, so why reinvent the wheel?

Foodelicious Autumn Box

9 Oct 2014 11:27 am
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Posted by Kay

Foodelicious IThe email announcing the shipping of yet another Foodelicious box (the 2nd official box) was in fact a gentle reminder that time flies by at the speed of light. It’s been two months already? Oh God, I’m getting old so fast. Bring out the botox! In case you missed my earlier post; the Foodelicious box is the absolute best culinary (surprise) box the Netherlands has to offer. It’s filled to...
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