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On Sunday I took part in an alternative fashion photography workshop run by Allan Amato at 4 Princelet St., an amazing Edwardian house.

The morning consisted of a demonstration of various lighting techniques (fill lights, key lights, one, two or three sources, with/without additional reflectors/diffusers etc.).
In the afternoon we split into three groups, each picking a room with a different lighting setup first rotating models, then rotating photographers so everyone got to shoot with everyone in each setup. The venue is absolutely amazing with a large number of rooms, many of them with big windows, creaky floorboards, even creakier stairs and lots of really old furniture and paraphernalia.

The models were fantastic, too, all with different styles and personalities: Nina Kate, Ulorin Vex and Viktoria Modesta.

Equally different were the attending photographers, reaching from photography student to older than me and both amateurs, semi-pros and pros. I got along really well with everyone and we already vaguely planned a group outing to Houghton House (if/when we're doing it, I'll be asking for people to model for me so keep your eyes peeled).

And last but not least, Allan Amato was cool, too. Nice guy, happy to answer questions and give suggestions. Definitely someone I wouldn't mind getting to know better over a couple of pints.

Let's start with Nina Kate:



Nina Kate - stripes 1

Nina Kate - stripes 2

Nina Kate in the bath

Nina Kate on the roof

Nina Kate - Flamingo

Date: 12/10/10 04:54 pm (UTC)
tamara_russo: (dust/dark)
From: [personal profile] tamara_russo
The one in the bath is effing priceless! And I really love her shoes...

dancing boots...

Date: 13/10/10 08:10 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
The lass must be a dancer, to move around in those boots! En pointe, near as dammit.....

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