28 Jul 2002

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Was completely exhausted through the heat and lack of oxygen at the office, so I left a bit after one, drove home and collapsed on the bed.
Took a shower, picked up Andy and Christi and went off to Mouse's for Middenport.
After some reasonable pizza (thanks, Mouse!), chatting and some character shuffling, the game started. A quiet affair but had a very real feel to it, just as an Elysium is supposed to be. Looking forward to get really stuck into it.
Got home at a reasonable time but spent too long chatting on IRC.

Got woken up by NTL calling TWICE, wanting to sell me broadband which I would quite happily take but can only do with my landlord's permission. Idiots.
Talked to mum on phone, went shopping and then headed off to Jason's.

What a HUGE family! I think I'd go mad, especially as very few of them seemed very likable. The kids were just exceedingly annoying.
Chilled in a corner, munching on food and drinking OJ.
Later in the afternoon people I actually knew arrived and things started to get better.

In the end, the evening was fun, Paul's bubble blowers were hilarious, the music was partly utterly shite (when put on by Jason's sister and her friend) and good, the bouncy castle was fun and the last hour was just hilariously surreal. First Penguin Ball and then the penguin replacement game (basically, take movie quotes or titles and replace the important or all nouns by "penguin") ;o)

Got home to a sweltering room despite open windows. I hate living on the first floor :o(
It's slowly getting better but there's no hope for sleep in a while yet so I'll go on IRC for a bit and then read.
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All I'm doing is move the index and middle finger on my right hand and a couple of others on my left (editing the photos from last night) and the sweat is running down my face and back like rivers. The windows are tilted open, the curtains are drawn but there's no breeze outside.

I hate summer!!

I'm so glad I didn't go to Reading, I would have died.
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The heat is just really unbearable now. There isn't even the slightest breeze outside and although the sun has set it doesn't look like it's going to cool down anytime soon. Just getting up to get more OJ from the fridge is an effort.


Does anyone know how to summon a two hour deluge of a rain with a temperature drop of 20 degrees afterwards? This is what we need right now.
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One of the best adaptations of a Stephen King novel, hard to find as they are. The best is still Stand by Me, IMHO (based on "The Body" from Different Seasons)

Max von Sydow as the proprietor is magnificent, the other actors are good as well.

One question to other King fans out there:
Is it an incarnation of Flagg or not?
King usually doesn't do the classic Omen-/Exorcist-esque devil thing and it would fit his favourite adversary nicely. Almost too subtle but still fitting, Flagg never gets his own hands dirty, either.

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