14 Jul 2002

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Woke up yesterday morning about 9:30 but decided to hang around in bed for a while and the next time I woke up it was 1:30. Well, so much for an early afternoon in London. Had breakfast, got ready and took off to London. Stopped by Leisure Games and picked up a couple of Dork Tower issues I had missed as well as the remaining decks for the Hackmaster card game (based on Knights of the Dinner Table, similar to Abduction, i.e. players build a dungeon, have to try to get to an exit as fast as possible and can play events to hinder the rest of the party to do the same with the exception that every player has a deck, themed for every member of the Knights. BA as the GM has some special rules, obviously. I'll bring it to the pub on Tuesday so we can try it out.) and the streetmap of Ankh Morpork as I couldn't find my original copy and I'd like to run that Discworld scenario again.

Had dinner at the Thai restaurant next door: Pad Thai with King Prawns, very nice with free prawn crackers.
Then it was time already to head off to the game. Ran into Colin at London Bridge station and we found it straight away. Noticed a Sushi place just down the road from the Southwark Tavern. Need to check this out next time. It looked rather small and might not be as cool as Yo Sushi with its conveyor belt and huge choice but it should be worth a try.
The Thamside Inn looked cool with lots of seating outside at the river, need to remember this for the future, they do food as well.

The game was well attended and a quiet affair, talked to various people and watched the Tremere raid the Black Jack table ;o). The venue wasn't bad, still a bit difficult to move about, though. Does anyone know who brought that incredibly wrong looking mechanical vampire along? That person either needs to be shot or praised into high heaven, I still don't know which ;o)

There are photos (including of the mechanical vampire) on the elysiumgrounds site.

Other things to do today: a bit of laundry, writing some character stuff, tidy place a bit.

Looking forward to Robert Cray on Wednesday at the Corn Exchange. Only read about it last week so I only got a ticket in the tiered seats. Sitting down during music as moving and grooving as Cray's will be a bit difficult but there's nothing I can do. Still, should be good.
karohemd: by LJ user gothindulgence (Default)

Oh, and the Futurama episode with penguins is on in a couple of minutes.

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