20 Jun 2002

karohemd: by LJ user gothindulgence (lego)
Just had a bit of a setback when I found out that due to dropping numbers and various other factors we will need to cater for ourselves again, meaning that I, the muppet I am, will be spending most of the time in the kitchen again.

I was looking forward to being served this year but will be serving instead.
I don't really mind, though, I play the Chef of Albion who is doing the work IC.
It was fun last year and utterly rewarding (no amount of P* can match the standing ovation of over 50 people and the various hugs and compliment) but the RP will suffer again. Oh well, off we go.

However, again, I won't be able to do this alone. Without Edd helping fry the chicken breasts and various others chopping and preparing stuff, it would never have worked. Not to forget Nowt as the Washer-Upper of Albion.
Nicola has already offered to help out with the cooking but we need more. Please get in touch with Abi if you'd like to volunteer.

Thanks a lot

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