25 Feb 2002

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Barely managed to put my book down on Saturday night so I got to bed a bit later than I wanted to. Slept like a log, though, until the alarm woke me at 9:30. Had a quiet breakfast in front of the computer and got ready.
Picked up Jason, Christi, Lucy and Craig and off we went to Reading without any hitches. The roads were quiet and we made it in good time.
Had some sandwich lunch and just hung around chatting. [livejournal.com profile] borusa explained some of the reasoning behind the proposal for the new MC/Prestige system the Think Tank came up with, which was OK, I guess. I am not and never will be a friend of this system but it's pretty much inevitable if we want to keep in line with the other countries.
Then the game started for real and was invaded by a huge group of Nockers, led by Bosch (I think there were at least 6 of them). Fitz didn't get up to much but I had fun regardless.

More discussions after the game and we sorted out April. As the Cambridge game clashes with the Vamp/Mage National and Rhona can't make the 4th weekend, both wanted to move their games to the 2nd. To avoid this, it was decided to hold a joint game, with the Reading lot coming to Cambridge (which they usually can't do as their Garou game is on the same date). This should be fun. Erm ... hang on, I just realised, this would put Red and Fox in the same game ... Aaaargh!! ;o)

The journey back took ages due to heavy traffic on the motorways. We stopped at a service station for dinner half way. After dropping everybody off, I was finally home at 10:30.
Chatted on IRC a bit, uploaded the photos and then went to be too late again (1 am).

At work it's the same shite thing as on Friday, it really pisses me off and I don't get any further with it at all. If I don't get something interesting to work on soon, I'll go mad.


25 Feb 2002 07:07 pm
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A dutch colleague of mine was wearing a fluffy turquoise jumper with purple blotches today and I went, "Hey Nicole, you look like Sully from Monsters, Inc.".
She wasn't impressed... :o(
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Didn't have those with me as I did my weekend post from work.

EUP: "And what's wrong with using a cannon as a melee weapon?"

Bosch: "Chi is a bit like gaffer tape."

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