22 Feb 2002

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Work's been really tedious this week, crap stuff, written by complete idiots who had no idea what they were talking about. Obviously, this makes my job really difficult. The problem is that this doesn't present a challenge like a text with a difficult subject matter because I would like that. If the source is inconsistent and contradictory and the client is not willing to provide any information or background material, I can't do my job properly. When you tell some clients this, they go, well, do what you can, it'll be good enough. No, it's not good enough, not in my book, but I've got to work on a deadline and don't have they luxury of enough time for research. This is where the ideal situation (and what my professional ethics tell me) and reality deviate.

Anyway, enough of this none of you are probably interested in.

Evenings were good, relaxing in front of the TV or IRC and the pub on Tuesday. It was good to see Christi in such a good mood, the best in weeks, if not months. I think moving out of that dreadful house was the best thing that could have happened to her.

Helped a colleague move into his place earlier. Very nice renovated cottage type thing in Girton, a bargain at the size. Nice but absolutely difficult to get to. Easy from Cambridge but horrendous from the A14. The street planners clearly failed there...

Settling down with Inspector Morse now, and Stephen King later and then an early night.

Quite a number of my friends are going to the NE Regional. I might have wanted to go as well but I really need a break and there's Berks Changeling on Sunday which I'd hate missing.

Tomorrow is Spring Cleaning Day, finally. Sleep long (early night, remember?), lazy breakfast, do the dishes, clean out junk, hoover, dust (*cough* *cough*), clean the kitchen and finally the bathroom. Hope I'll be finished when Princess Pride is on (2:30, ITV). Mustn't forget to tape it.
If time is left over in the afternoon, do some Cam work.
In the evening, cook properly again for quite some time. On the menu: Fillet steak with a porcini mushroom cream sauce and potato croquettes, a cucumber salad and a nice bottle of red wine.
Not too late a night to be fit for Sunday.

Sunday: pick up Jason and Christi for Berkshire 'ling. Have fun there, drive home, upload photos and go to bed.

Monday: back to work which I'm not looking forward to...

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