16 Feb 2002

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I'm pretty fed up with this whole WW/NPO debacle as well. Both sides issue statement after statement, accusing each other of spreading lies. It makes me sick.
Personally, I don't care.

First thing to remember is, it really doesn't concern the UK as we've never really been part of the NPO on paper so I wished people would stop whining about WW taking us over. They didn't.
I'm quite certain that a contract with WW is the way to go. If it comes to a vote, mine is with WW.

As I said, I don't care who the UK aligns with, I only hope that the Chronicle and the international interaction won't die. I want to continue to go onto IRC and play Changeling and I want to go to ICC again and finally meet a certain character in person.

Got to finish preparations for the C/A game tonight. Let's see in what kind of trouble the PCs get into this time. ;o)
Unfortunately, we'll be a number of players short as some are on V-Day breaks *grumble, stupid holiday, mutter mutter* but some interesting visitors should make up for that.
Robin's ill so I guess Chris and I will have to do the shouting tonight.
If I'm not dead afterwards, there's anime on SciFi and then bed.

Tomorrow is Changeling which I'm looking forward to as always. Let's see what Christi and Andy have in store this time to torture us with. ;o)

OK, got to work, see some of you tonight or tomorrow

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